In Switzerland, a Dutchman (41) was convicted of murdering a mayor in 2010. He is sentenced to seventeen years and eight months in prison. On March 14, 2010, the Dutchman entered the home of Ivo Borer, the mayor of Metzerlen (71), in the canton of Solothurn with a Serb for a house robbery. The Serb gets nineteen years in prison.

The expected loot was not found by the robbers, after which the victim was tied up, interrogated and severely beaten. He was repeatedly hit on the head. The man died a few months later from his head injury.

The Swiss Public Prosecution Service believes the two were part of a network of robbers dubbed the Pink Panthers, who robbed wealthy individuals and companies in several European countries. The group is said to have mainly consisted of former para-military personnel from Serbia.

In Switzerland, there is still an investigation into several other men who are said to have belonged to the network. The Dutchman and the Serb are still suspected of two robberies in Switzerland.

The trial was held at an undisclosed location for security reasons.


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