Dust from the Sahara arrives this weekend in South Florida | Your City Univision 23 Miami Weather

An extensive cloud of Saharan dust headed for South Florida.

Every year during the months of May to July, the winds in the height favor the arrival of small particles of sand from the Sahara. They travel thousands of miles, crossing oceans and continents.

What are the benefits of the arrival of dust from the Sahara?

The high concentrations of phosphorus and iron contained in Saharan dust serve as nutrients for plants in the sea and on land.

Another important benefit is related to the tropical cyclones. When there is presence of dust from the Sahara in the Atlantic Ocean, the dry air that accompanies this layer, inhibits the formation and development of tropical systems.

With dust from the Sahara in the air, the landscapes become misty with sunsets and sunrises worthy of photography, since the combination of sunlight with dust particles floating in the air gives a yellowish appearance.

Negative aspects of Saharan dust

large concentrations of dust worsen air qualityThey irritate the eyes and cause allergies in sensitive groups such as people with asthma and lung problems.

What can you do to prevent it from affecting you?

  • Limit the time you spend outdoors
  • Monitor the health status of those with respiratory conditions
  • Wear a mask if you leave home
  • Keep your doors and windows closed


Get ready for a Friday morning with rain and risk of possible flooding in Miami

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