During February.. Free family planning and reproductive health services were provided to 121,000 women in Minya.

Major General Osama El-Qadi, Governor of Minya, said that the state pays great attention to the population issue by providing family planning and reproductive health services and making them available free of charge in family development centers, within the framework of implementing the national project for the development of the Egyptian family, which was launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, stressing that the agencies The governorate’s executive branch is working to harness all its capabilities to provide full support to the health sector system, in addition to implementing initiatives that provide free medical and treatment services to the people of the governorate.

According to a statement, on Sunday, Dr. Mohamed Nadi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Minya indicated that the medical teams in the family planning clinics provided family planning and reproductive health services to 121,120 beneficiaries during the month of February, including 13,772 new and 107,348 hesitant, in addition to Other services include the implementation of awareness-raising and health education seminars and the disbursement of various family planning methods.

Dr. Wafaa Badawi, Director General of the Family Planning Department in the Directorate, stated that 133,723 different family planning methods were disbursed, in addition to carrying out 121,190 home visits through rural women pioneers, referring 36,614 women to family planning clinics, providing health care to 16,555 pregnant women, and providing health care to 14,371 A woman after giving birth, pointing to the implementation of a number of educational and awareness seminars, where 24,516 seminars were conducted on the Corona virus, 19,658 seminars on family planning and reproductive health, and 14,146 seminars on chronic diseases and breast self-examination.



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