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Beach volleyball player Joana Heidrich still has to wait 3 days after the injury in the World Cup bronze game for further medical clarifications.

Joana Heidrich suffered structural damage to her shoulder in Sunday’s 3rd place match at the Beach Volleyball World Championships in Rome. This was the result of initial investigations at the Schulthess Clinic in Zurich.

The dislocated right shoulder was repositioned while still in Rome. Additional investigations will follow in Switzerland. They will show if and when an operation needs to be performed.

In an interview with SRF Sport Heidrich tells how she experienced the moments after her accident: “I was on the pitch for half an hour and nobody could help me. Nobody could take my pain away. It got really bad when I couldn’t feel my hand anymore.”

Further clarifications are necessary

No reliable information can yet be given about the duration of the failure of the Zurich player. Participation in the home tournament in Gstaad (July 6th to 10th) is excluded, as Sebastian Beck, director of beach volleyball at Swiss Volley, said at the request of the news agency SDA confirmed.

“It takes patience now,” says Heidrich. “I know what it takes for such a rehab. And I’m going to tackle those, but I’m not ready yet. It’s extremely difficult to accept all of that.”

What’s next for Vergé-Dépré?

How the rest of the season can be planned for Heidrich’s team partner Anouk Vergé-Dépré will be discussed in the coming days by the Bern native with coach Spiros Karachalios and Beck.

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Heidrich sustained the shoulder injury during a service on Sunday – with winning the bronze medal in mind. At the time of the momentous incident, the Swiss were leading 21:16, 10:7 against the Germans Svenja Müller and Cinja Tillmann.



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