Dumora, Nanaï-Williams, circus, the Castres / Toulouse derby left no one indifferent on Twitter

Dumora, Nanaï-Williams, circus, the Castres / Toulouse derby left no one indifferent on Twitter

Sport Castres dominated Stade Toulousain in the Top 14. A very important home success for CO in the race to maintain. Toulouse missed the mark.

It starts again 😎#COST pic.twitter.com/Mcbeqm8i4A

— hugo (@hugocorjon) March 25, 2023

Come on, it’s time to push them down so that they end up relegated #alleztoulouse #COST #Top14

— Jeff (@jeff2714) March 25, 2023

Naaaaan the action was incredible #COST

— XV de f🔴⚫ (@stadidista) March 25, 2023

But what is this start of the match? 😂😂😵‍💫😱😳😍😜 #COST

— Olivier Bernasson (@obernasson) March 25, 2023

The mentally ill action we just released. The intentions are the same if it’s confused. #COST

— Vince_Souc (@VinceSouc31) March 25, 2023

It’s nonsense in the rucks: the Castres will walk around if the referee lets them do this all game #COST

— Thib Dharc (@DharcThib) March 25, 2023

Is it my TV that’s badly tuned or Delibes and Lebel have pushed the room seriously? #COST pic.twitter.com/FFObpsUKET

—Zetsubu (@Zetsubu31) March 25, 2023

Mauvaka sending 3/4 hooks. Impressive, the most complete hooker in France when he is at 100% #cost

— Fanaefou (@Fanas83) March 25, 2023

My god it’s nonsense but how is too strong in the mess! #COST

– ACTU ‘STADE TOULOUSAIN (@actu_stade) March 25, 2023

In this mess, Penaud would have already put 3 tries. His choice is final? #COST

— Giannelli Imboulard 🔴⚫️🟣 (@imboulard) March 25, 2023

There must be marabouts in Castres, it’s not possible. 10 times we must score #COST

— V-Ner (@V_Ner) March 25, 2023

What technical waste. #COST

— Jeff (@jeff2714) March 25, 2023

We ran out to get 0 points. #COST

—Marc (@Marc_Loca) March 25, 2023

HAHAHAHAAA I’m dying the Castres public who tries a homemade arbitration while the Toulouse man caresses Arata’s neck with his fingertips 😂 simple penalty gentlemen. 😌 #COST

— Quentin NX (@NX_leBulldozer) March 25, 2023

Ptdr with all the mistakes they made, is this the first card for us? #COST

— Allan (@Allan_lfch) March 25, 2023

It’s open bar in the rucks for Castres.. #COST

— Fred_Lebec (@agent_toulousai) March 25, 2023

Very good first 25 minutes of Nanai 🥹#COST

– ACTU ‘STADE TOULOUSAIN (@actu_stade) March 25, 2023

They are doing well with “just” a yellow Castres. Because 2 voluntary forwards 5m from the line is well paid. #COST

— Vince_Souc (@VinceSouc31) March 25, 2023

there is something to do for Toulouse this afternoon. However, stop messing around…#COST

— Rom rom dut (@Romdut31) March 25, 2023

They came to us 3 times and scored 3 times, it’s crazy. #COST

– ACTU ‘STADE TOULOUSAIN (@actu_stade) March 25, 2023

Castres and realism, a heavy and undeserved score for the stadium which nevertheless dominated the whole of the half #COST

— Fanaefou (@Fanas83) March 25, 2023

We all know that this match is not the priority, but Mola had better move their ass, it’s far too recurrent what we see this afternoon #COST

— Giannelli Imboulard 🔴⚫️🟣 (@imboulard) March 25, 2023

Finally some realism
We must continue #COST

— Mick (@mick_tou) March 25, 2023

It’s not possible to sleep like this #COST

— Toulousinho 😈❤️🖤 (@Guiguito31) March 25, 2023

we take 1 step forward and 18 back, it’s too much #COST

— soizwinx (@31Soizic) March 25, 2023

What is this junkie routine that he pays Urdapilleta?! Take it easy on the cornflour son!!

— Thibaut S. (@ThbtS) March 25, 2023

What a sketch this Toulouse match #COST pic.twitter.com/4l42HZlIRJ

— Giannelli Imboulard 🔴⚫️🟣 (@imboulard) March 25, 2023

The 9 from Castres who tackles and never releases before scratching…#COST

— Bliss_81 (@Bliss_81) March 25, 2023

Hope this parody stops #COST

— Giannelli Imboulard 🔴⚫️🟣 (@imboulard) March 25, 2023

We made an agreement to save the CO, I see nothing else #COST

— Aurenges (@Aurenges) March 25, 2023

10 minutes before the game and we can go back to the six nations tournament in fact? #COST pic.twitter.com/AblBqHZIiU

— Claire (@claire_dmc) March 25, 2023

I’m always flabbergasted that second knives who have everything to play in this kind of match are so shitty in envy #COST

— Lord Byron (@BrooklynWoo) March 25, 2023

Good game lost, but I’m still happy with the game intentions we had, we lacked precision but we had a fairly young and very reworked team. The important thing is the pro week. Good luck to the CO for its maintenance. #COST

– ACTU ‘STADE TOULOUSAIN (@actu_stade) March 25, 2023

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