The ordinary session of the Instructor Section from Chamber of Deputies scheduled for this Wednesday was suspended for lack of quorum, with which they were saved Mauricio Toledo (PT) y Saul Huerta (ex Morena) to be outrageous.

According to the president of the Investigative Section, Pablo Gomez (Morena) reported that the PT, Mary Carmen Bernal Martínez and the PRI, Claudia Pastor, did not attend the session; and they did attend Martha Patricia Ramírez de Morena and Pablo Gómez himself.

In interview Pablo Gomez informed that a new ordinary session will have to be reconvened, but there is still no set date.

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It should be remembered that Mauricio Toledo He is accused of illicit enrichment for which the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City requested the withdrawal of procedural immunity. Y Saul Huerta He was accused by at least three people of sexual abuse.

According to versions of the PRI, Claudia Pastor did not want to participate in this session due to the messiness of the process; and Mary Carmen Bernal, being a petista, is against the lawlessness of Mauricio Toledo.

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