Tapachula.— The National Institute of Migration (INM) suspended attention to more than 10,000 undocumented foreigners who went to the Olympic Stadium to access the transfer program to other states of the country, due to the disorder and near-misses.

Since last Thursday, the Immigration Regularization Office of the INM unofficially launched the transfer of migrants to other states to continue with their refugee procedures before the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (Comar).

Yesterday, in the presence of some 10,000 migrants, mostly from Haiti and the rest of the Center, South America and Africa, the INM shifted attention to the Olympic Stadium.

At first, lines were formed, according to nationalities, and a group of five INM officials was installed to serve groups of 20 people, who gave priority to the family nuclei.

As the second group of migrants passed, the Haitians broke ranks and, amid shouts and shoves, they reached where the INM officials were, while they were ordered to retreat.

Given the refusal of the Caribbean people, the INM decided to suspend the care and postpone it for this Tuesday, due to the anger of the migrants from Central and South America, who complained that they were affected by the disorder of the Haitians.

A similar situation occurred over the weekend. Migrants from Haiti The United States and Africa clashed more than 10 times over the places of the lines and caused stampedes that put women and children at risk.

Marlon Corrales, a Cuban migrant, pointed out that due to the disorder caused by Haitians, the INM ends up suspending care and that affects them.

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“Haitians do not respect anyone, they attack those of the National Guard and immigration and Latinos threaten us and do not allow us to approach the doors where the procedures are being carried out, ”said Marlon.

It was reported that the INM intends to carry out 120 transfers per day, despite the fact that there is talk of the presence of some 60 thousand migrants stranded in this city, who have appointments with Comar until April 2022.

Caravan resumes road

The contingent of the migrant caravan crossing Mexican territory left yesterday morning from Acayucan, after resting for two days in this Veracruz town.

The group advances towards the center of the state guided by the National Guard. On the outskirts of Acayucan a checkpoint of the National Migration Institute (INM) was installed where a migrant who was ahead of the caravan was detained, which sparked an altercation with the rest of the contingent, who rescued the detainee.

After the incident, the caravan took the Acayucan-Las Tejas highway. The National Guard did not allow them to get on trucks to advance faster.

* With information from Roselia Chaca.

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