Many retailers will not be able to offer promotions on game consoles, televisions and individual toys this year. The global delivery bottlenecks are to blame.

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Lots of people buy electrical appliances in action on Black Friday. But that could be difficult this year.

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Because of the delivery bottlenecks, many retailers do not have popular electronic devices in stock.

Because of the delivery bottlenecks, many retailers do not have popular electronic devices in stock.

Tamedia /Christian Pfander

At Digitic Galaxus, this year's discount offer looks different than in other years.

At Digitic Galaxus, this year’s discount offer looks different than in other years.

Digitec Galaxus

  • Friday is Black Friday.

  • However, many retailers do not have popular electronic devices in stock.

  • The reason is the global supply chain problems.

  • That is why other products are being offered in action in many places.

The big discount battle is imminent: Friday is Black Friday. It is the largest and highest-turnover shopping event in Switzerland. But this year the global delivery bottlenecks are putting a spanner in the works of retailers.

“Many retailers do not have some popular electrical appliances in stock. That’s why there won’t be any discounts, ”explains retail expert Julian Zrotz from Individual game consoles, televisions, monitors and children’s toys are affected.

Many people use Black Friday to buy Christmas gifts for less. “If it is precisely these that are not offered in action, some of them will probably forego the purchase,” says Zrotz. It can therefore be assumed that sales will not increase compared to last year and will again be around CHF 500 million.

For retailers, the delivery bottlenecks not only mean a drop in sales, they are also a challenge. Because the Black Friday discounts are usually planned at the beginning of the year. “Now the dealers had to adjust their plans at short notice, which is tedious and requires a lot of flexibility,” says Zrotz.

PS5 certainly doesn’t exist in action

Digitec Galaxus confirms: This year’s discount offer looks different than in other years. But it is not smaller. «We will have over 700 deals on offer. Particularly scarce products such as the PS5 or graphics cards will not be among them, ”explains media spokesman Alex Hämmerli.

Many products had to be ordered earlier and from other manufacturers and suppliers. “Purchasing our Black Friday deals was more time-consuming than in previous years,” says Hämmerli. Despite the slightly different special offer, the online retailer is expecting a new sales record.

Interdiscount relies on alternative products

At Interdiscount, too, the delivery bottlenecks created challenges when purchasing the goods, as it is said on request. On bargain day, the electronics retailer replaces products that cannot be delivered with alternative products.

“The Black Friday offer was based on the current availability,” explains a media spokeswoman. So there are just as many discount offers as in previous years – sometimes other products are simply offered in action.

Manor ordered earlier

The online retailer Brack is even offering more bargains this year, despite delivery bottlenecks. However, here and there items are missing from all product ranges because the required number of items could not be delivered on time.

According to its own statements, Manor has enough goods for the discount battle despite supply chain problems. For this you have in the categories of toys, Christmas decorations, advent calendars, beauty and fashion the main articles ordered earlier, it continues.

The Swiss want to spend between 200 and 299 francs on Black Friday. This is the result of a current survey by the prospectus app Profital. One in five even wants to spend more than 500 francs. The interest in bargain hunting is particularly high among 18 to 25 year olds: 90 percent want to get hold of cheap deals on Black Friday. Clothes, shoes and accessories are in demand, followed by electrical appliances, furniture and furnishings.

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