ducks to clean up rice plantations

It is an extremely old tradition in Thailand. A total of 10,000 ducks are sent on a mission to clean up a flooded rice field. Palmipeds devour the pests and worms that infest rice straw after harvest. For growers and ranchers, this is a beneficial process. “On the one hand, it allows us to lower the cost of food for our ducks”, testifies Apiwat Chaleermklin, duck breeder.

For their part, rice farmers reduce chemicals thanks to the ducks which swallow the parasites. In one week, an army of ducks is capable of cleaning up 67 hectares of plantations. They “trample the rice straw and their palms soften the soil”, explains Prang Sipipat, a rice farmer. This technique plays a role in the country’s place in the rice sector: Thailand is the second largest exporter in the world.

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