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The generic part is generated by vendor-specific logic, ultimately always with the aim of making money and keeping customers (read: searches) happy. As far as I’m concerned, this explanatory announcement is primarily a strategic implementation change with regard to Microsoft advertising, with the Microsoft-specific (the Bing Search API) portion being implemented differently by DuckDuckGo, and made available through

So it has to do with the No-Tracking features:

Most browsers’ default tracking protection focuses on cookie and fingerprinting protections that only restrict third-party tracking scripts after they load in your browser. Unfortunately, that level of protection leaves information like your IP address and other identifiers sent with loading requests vulnerable to profiling. Our 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection helps address this vulnerability, by stopping most 3rd-party trackers from loading in the first place, providing significantly more protection.

where metasearch services can sometimes make a significant advance compared to browsers. Just think of all m2m and/or IoT applications and the expected growth of the internet in the field of data and images.

Weinberg had a lot to explain, of course, after the deception surrounding tracking and DuckDuckGo’s relationship with Microsoft. Such jokes are not good for the reputation of the product.
This announcement is primarily Weinberg’s response to the termination of their Microsoft search syndication agreement because it kept them from doing more work with Microsoft-owned properties (read: Intellectual Property).

For some reason, Weinberg claims that this is a requirement and he claims

our syndication agreement also has a confidentially provision that prevents disclosing details.

The motive for not mentioning it is of course money.

*why* isn’t DuckDuckGo blocking Microsoft-owned 3rd party data flows on websites *not* owned by Microsoft, like on Facebook’s Workplace[.]com domain sending data to Bing & Linkedin in the DDG “private” browser.

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