Duchess Meghan: Does she really love Harry? Body language expert

“Meghan makes it clear she loves Harry very much”

How Duchess Meghan really feels about Prince Harry, Darren Stanton, body language expert, now wants to analyze more closely in connection with “Mirror”. He looked very carefully at the many gestures the 41-year-old made – and in contrast to many other experts, his judgment was extremely positive:

Meghan’s body language makes it clear that she loves Harry very much.

And further: “We’ve seen a lot of telling gestures from Meghan over the years to help Harry feel comfortable.”, says the expert. By that he means, for example, the fact that Meghan would have lovingly touched Harry’s elbow or always held his hand. And that’s not all: Even if the mother of two puts her hand on her husband’s back, Meghan wants to show it to Harry “Being there to support him […] – at the same time a gesture of protection and comfort.”

Sources used: Mirror

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