Duchess Fergie sees herself as a victim of the British royal family

As soon as the waves around the British royal family have smoothed out, Duchess Sarah Ferguson (61) called Fergie blows to a new storm and unpacks about her life as the daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II (95). “I suffered from an incredible fear of doing something wrong and having to turn my head for something,” she said in an interview with the British magazine “People”. This is strongly reminiscent of the reproachful statements made by Duchess Meghan (39) and Prince Harry (36) at the same address. They too felt misunderstood by everyone, had lived in a golden cage, and fleeing to the USA was the only way not to break under the pressure and expectations.

While Meghan also swung the racist club against Buckingham Palace, Fergie sees the reasons why she was not welcome in the royal family in her appearance: “If you have red hair and a certain sense of humor, most people think that you are dealing with a real hurricane. So I was automatically seen as the stormy one I wasn’t and didn’t want to be. “

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