“Dryest Beer“

“Dryest Beer“

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News in terms of beer production: A monastery brewery in Neuzelle has developed the first beer powder that – mixed with water – should also taste good. The new powder will initially only be available alcohol-free from the summer of this year.

Creating beer from beer powder and water: Like that “rbb” reported, a Brandenburg brewery has now succeeded. The Neuzelle monastery brewery presented what it claims to be the world’s first beer powder in Berlin. However, this powdered beer remains alcohol-free for the time being.

Brewery produces first beer from powder: It is obtained from “natural products”.

According to the company, the development of the beer powder took two years. The research project should be completed in July of this year – then the beer can be offered on the market. As the master brewer assured “rbb”, the powder was made from “natural products” so that it could be called “beer-like”.

According to the brewery, a specially brewed beer rich in dextrin is processed and processed into a water-soluble beer powder during the production of the beer powder. Dextrins are starch breakdown products consisting of several simple sugar molecules and are found in beer.

At the first tasting, journalists said that the drink tasted “malty” like beer, only the alcohol was missing.

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