Dry skin and itching with scabs and blisters could be due to this skin disease

Waking up one morning with a nuisance we’ve never had can happen to anyone. There is always a first time for those who have never suffered from back pain, muscle aches or insomnia. In fact, the body can manifest imbalance and suffering in many ways. This is why the symptoms of something wrong can be very varied and difficult to observe.

Especially towards some we are not careful enough and we tend to underestimate them. Spring, for example, is known to bring with it allergies and respiratory ailments due to pollen in the air. A simple nasal discharge, however, is nothing to worry about as long as it’s not accompanied by other symptoms.

In a past article we saw how redness and itching can hide a common allergy, but one that is often taken lightly. But what does it mean if dry skin and itchiness are accompanied by painful scabs and blisters? Today we will explain that such ailments could be caused by a widespread skin disease.

This usually has no serious consequences, but causes physical but also psychological ailments to those who suffer from it. Let’s see together what it is and what are the advice of medicine to deal with it.

Dry skin and itching with scabs and blisters could be due to this skin disease

It is commonly known as eczema and affects children the most (nearly 1 in 5 children). This non-contagious pathology consists of inflammation of the skin that leads to unbearable itching. Often those who suffer from it are taken by the urgent need to scratch themselves until small wounds and scabs are created. Subsequently, the eczema expands into swollen red patches with jagged edges that can evolve into blisters. This is followed by the appearance of serum, dry crusts and even small cuts in the skin. Another form in which eczema can evolve is the thickening of the skin of the affected part and generalized dry skin.

What are the causes and how to take care of yourself

Medicine has come up with three main triggers of eczema. The first is the atopic terrain, for which a patient in the first months of life presents this type of eczema. This can be reduced or enlarged by alternating more or less acute periods and can even disappear with growth. This depends on the subject’s hypersensitivity to airborne allergens, sweat, microbes and sudden changes in temperature.

The second cause is contact allergy that explodes in contact with particular products or materials. This differs from the third, namely irritation, precisely because the reaction is not allergic. When you suffer from eczema, the first thing to do is to seek the help of a doctor and evaluate together an adequate diet. Other tips for fragile skin are to use dermatologically tested products for sensitive skin and to use thermal and cold water to soothe the itch.


When these foods are bad, you could have this particular type of allergy

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