Drug Submarines: Cocaine Smuggling Underwater

Drug Submarines: Cocaine Smuggling Underwater

drug submarines:Cocaine smuggling underwater

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Drogen-U-Boote: Die Boote der Drogenbanden liegen so tief im Wasser, dass nur ein kleiner Teil aus den Wellen ragt. Das Bild zeigt ein solches Boot, das die US-Küstenwache 2021 im Pazifischen Ozean entdeckt hat.

The drug gangs’ boats are so deep in the water that only a small part sticks out of the waves. The image shows one such boat that the US Coast Guard spotted in the Pacific Ocean in 2021.

(Foto: Uscg/U.S. Coast/imago images/ZUMA Wire)

Instead of small planes or banana boxes, drug gangs rely on special submarines. Another one has just been discovered on Spain’s coast. The crossing in the mini boats is terrible, but the profit is huge.

By Christoph Gurk, Buenos Aires

There is still a lot about them Poseidon a big secret: in mid-March, the Spanish coast guard recovered the boat off the coast of Galicia, 15 meters long and two meters wide. In the rear a diesel engine, in the front several tanks for thousands of liters of fuel and in between the cargo space and a cabin, hardly larger than the rear of a station wagon.

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