Driving without a driver’s license is no longer a violation but a crime

Due to an amendment to the Driving Act in Suriname, driving without a driver’s license is no longer a violation, but a crime. The Surinamese Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced this today.

The 1971 Driving Act has been amended and entered into force on 26 March 2022. One of the changes concerns driving without a driver’s license. Before the above-mentioned amendment to the Driving Act 1971, a fine of up to SRD 750 could be imposed for driving without a driving license.

With the entry into force of the amended Driving Act 1971, the cases driving without being in possession of a (valid) driving licence, driving with an expired driving licence, driving if the driving license has been recovered and/or driving with an illegible driving license crimes, on which a maximum prison sentence of 2 years and/or a fine of up to SRD 25,000 can be imposed.

“If you are guilty of the above crime, strict action will be taken on the part of the Public Prosecution Service. We therefore make an urgent request to society to comply with the law,” said the Public Prosecution Service.

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