“EThere was a damaged vehicle and a trailer to remove it from there, there is a vehicle that appears in the carriageway and runs over the two drivers, the one with the trailer and the one with the damaged vehicle,” said a source from the Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the Security Police Public (PSP).

The accident happened at IC19, towards Sintra-Lisboa, in front of Hospital Fernando Fonseca, also known as Hospital Amadora-Sintra, at 8:25 am today, and there was no need to cut traffic, the same source said.

“The driver who crashed into the parked vehicles and ran over the two men ran away and then surrendered at around 16:30 at the Mem Martins police station”, the PSP said, referring that it is a young woman of 22 years and who “went into a panic” after the accident.

Regarding the two men run over, the tow driver suffered serious injuries and was transported to Hospital Santa Maria, in Lisbon, and the driver of the damaged vehicle was slightly injured and went to Hospital Fernando Fonseca, in Amadora, according to police information , who added, at 9:00 pm, that the seriously injured person is still hospitalized, while the slightly injured person has already been discharged from hospital.

Regarding the procedure adopted for the driver who appeared at the police station, the PSP clarified that “it was identified, it was shown the accident vehicle that she was driving and the file was made that will be sent to the Public Ministry”.

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