Drinking too much water is bad: the signs of overhydration

Just as drinking too little of it is also bad for your health, let’s see what are the signs of hyperhydration indicated by experts.

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Experts always recommend people, on every possible occasion, to drink a lot water. In fact, most people tend to drink little and develop signs of dehydration. The right amount suggested is 1.5-2 liters per day. This allows our body to function perfectly.

But if some people have problems drinking too little water, there is also the opposite problem, drinking too much water. It may seem strange to be able to drink more than 2 liters a day, but if this happens there are obvious signs of overhydration, equally harmful to health. Hence, it is necessary to run for cover, according to nutrition experts.

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Water is the most precious asset we have, without it we would not be able to live. But also in this case pay attention to the quantities you take during the day. Let’s look at some below signs of overhydration that are bad.

Drinking Too Much Water Is Bad For Your Health: The Signs

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Water is important for our body because it maintains the right body temperature, maintains adequate hydration, helps digestion, facilitates the transport of substances between cells and organs. In addition, it purifies the body, easily eliminates toxins and all waste substances. However, an excess is dangerous and can cause anintoxication.

To avoid the serious consequences of this (seizures in most cases), let’s see some signs that indicate drinking too much water. This way you can be aware of it and try to control yourself:

  • Always wanting to have a bottle of water in your hand and refilling it constantly: drinking constantly leads to low levels of sodium in the blood and swelling of the cells;
  • Throbbing headache: the brain increases when there is too much water in the body and beats against the skull;
  • Urine is clear: it’s okay to have clear, clear urine, but with yellow pigmentation. If the urine is completely clear then it is a clear sign that you are drinking too much;
  • Urinating more than 10 times a day: there are too many, on average an organism feels the need 6 or 7 times;
  • Nausea: excess water in the body causes a feeling of discomfort leading to nausea, but also to vomiting and diarrhea;
  • Swollen hands, feet and lips: swelling can also affect these parts of the body as well as making them appear pale;
  • Drink even if you are not thirsty: being thirsty means that the body needs water, if you do not feel it it means that it is not necessary to drink;
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  • Tiredness and fatigue: if the kidneys work too much, the body reacts by producing hormones in an uncontrolled way;
  • Muscle cramps: Electrolytes decrease and muscles are affected.

Some signs or symptoms of overhydration are similar to dehydration. However, the situations are very different and it will not be difficult to understand if you suffer from one or the other. Health is very important, in addition to nutrition, be careful about how and how much you drink water.



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