In August, actor and “dream ship” star Peter Weck turns 90 – a life with ups and downs and a new love.

Actor and “dream ship” star Peter Weck (89) has experienced quite a bit in his life, as he revealed in an interview with the Austrian “Kronen Zeitung”. So he could only save his father just before the execution. He told me about his war experiences: “I have to tell you that the war experiences only really affected me afterwards. I didn’t realize that at the time. We were in a state of emergency and were busy surviving and the best of everything My luck was that as a boy I found a lot of things to be almost adventurous, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gotten through it out of fear of death. “

But Weck also spoke about the good news in the interview, namely that he has a new woman at his side.

Nothing is officially handed down from “dream ship” captain Florian Silbereisen (38) of a new love, but with this sweet grin and the bedroom view, it will not be long as you can see in the following video.

Sweet grin & bedroom view - fan:

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Peter Weck: “We like to spend time together”

After the death of his wife, who died of a heart attack in 2012, Weck now reveals a little secret: “It is important to me to say something about this for the first time: Her name is Joanna and she is a really great person. I saw her two years ago Got to know Jägerball and lost sight of it until we met again there a year later. Now we see each other more often and like to spend time together.laughs), this is practical: You get childish again in old age. “When asked whether it was love, he said:” It is a pleasant, cozy feeling. I like to have her around me. That’s a lot in old age, I’m delicate. I have no big plans and I rule out getting married again. But this affection surprises and makes me very happy. My ability to love is still there. “


Peter Weck


“Sissi”-Star Peter Weck
“It was a good death for my wife, a disaster for me”

Peter Weck suffered a lot from the painful death of his love for life. But then his old fighting spirit reawakened.

Peter Weck would have liked to embody more of the more sophisticated in film and TV

In his biography “Was that it?” he wrote openly and honestly about his career, because it said, among other things: “If there is something in my job that I am sorry for, it is that I could no longer embody anything challenging in film and TV. Unfortunately, the deep artistic fulfillment failed to materialize . ” But what does he fix that, Weck told in the interview: “I was always annoyed by my milk face and called myself a ‘late’. In retrospect, I was very hard on myself and stood in my way in many ways. Today my boy’s face benefits me. Recently I should have played someone who escapes from the old people’s home. But I was refused: ‘He looks too young. Nobody believes that.’ “


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