DRC: Towards the promotion of food and agri-food culture – Capsud.net – Rich and complete information on the DR Congo

DRC: Towards the promotion of food and agri-food culture – Capsud.net – Rich and complete information on the DR Congo

The solution to malnutrition lies in agriculture. This is why the Congolese government is keen to promote this previously neglected sector.

During the last council of ministers chaired by Felix Tshisekedi, the file relating to the revival of agricultural sectors and the collection of food products available in the production areas in the DRC was presented.

According to the report of this weekly government meeting, this program concerns 12 food and agri-food crops. These include: corn, rice, wheat, sorghum, cassava, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peanuts, beans, cowpeas, soybeans and banana.

For better coherence, coordination and synergy, we read in the report, it is important that this program takes into account the interventions of other projects, programs
and existing agro-industrial production sites. Including, in particular: the PDL-145T, Program
Agricultural Volunteer, National Agricultural Development Program, Agricultural Transformation Agenda, Bukanga-Lonzo, Lukula Agroindustrial Platform…


The concerns of the President of the Republic

Note also that before the presentation of this file, the President of the Republic complained about the failures often recorded in the agricultural sector.

« The President of the Republic recalled that several projects, programs and initiatives have been launched in the agricultural sector for several years in our country without much success despite the financial resources that have been made available. Many of these projects or programs have not been able to be fully implemented. This situation which he deplored should necessarily be reviewed by ensuring that these projects are much better structured, as is expected from the project presented by the Minister of Agriculture during the Council of Ministers
you 12 May 2023
» specifies the report.

Let us point out that taking into account time requirements and for better optimization of the coordination of all interventions in the agricultural sector, without prejudice to the activities currently being carried out, and with regard to the urgency, the
Minister of Agriculture was tasked, under the supervision of the Prime Minister, with the involvement of all relevant sectoral Ministers, to carry out an evaluation of all existing agricultural projects and programs.

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