DRC: The Lay Coordination Committee reconnects with the street – MATININFOS.NET – Information from the DRC with complete impartiality

DRC: The Lay Coordination Committee reconnects with the street – MATININFOS.NET – Information from the DRC with complete impartiality

After a break of a few years, the Secular Coordination Committee (CLC) resurfaces on the Congolese political scene and announces a campaign to raise awareness and moral rearmament of all its grassroots structures. This in order to prepare the Congolese to take their responsibilities as a prelude to major demonstrations which will be organized to defeat the “electoral chaos that we want to impose again on the Congolese people”.

While warning that ” no one, regardless of the office held in our country, can again usurp the sovereign right of the people to appoint their leaders, nor to rig the results », the Lay Catholics, announced that the time has come to banish fear and to take responsibility for ourselves.

The CLC, which was at the forefront of the fight against electoral fraud under the Kabila regime, is renewing with street demonstrations because, he noted, “ihe sets up the same scene in the country that prevailed when he had to launch his mobilization actions, in order to make heard the requirement of the sovereign people during the holding of the elections ».

For them, the persistence by the CENI to remain completely impervious to the suggestions of the stakeholders in the process and to proceed by fait accompli, with an audit of its own composition, can only lead to chaotic elections.

Meanwhile, the CENI seems to be struggling to fully ensure the consultation frameworks to defuse the increasingly strong tensions that are looming.

As proof, until now, the CENI has still not explained how the electoral kits ended up in third-party vehicles and how these left its warehouses to appear in third-party homes.

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Following this incident, more than one Congolese is worried. How many vanished and made it possible to have parallel enlistments?

It is necessary to recall, for the CLC that the last audit of the File, by the OIF had made it possible to extricate from the electoral file six million false voters, including nine hundred thousand minors.

This structure of civil society recalled that the elections are not the private property of the President of the CENI, nor of the President of the Republic and his political camps, but indeed the expression of the sovereignty of the people.

»This people must be respected in its rights, because having paid the price of blood for its constitutional right to freely designate its leaders “, underlined the CLC.

It also calls on the CENI to very quickly set up the consultation framework with all the stakeholders for the designation of a credible international body for auditing the file, according to the format that prevailed in 2018, and to stop circumvent the issue by appointing its own experts to self-certify a highly questionable file.

However, lay Catholics ask the Congolese not to give in to discouragement or fatality.

According to the electoral calendar published by the CENI, the filing of candidacies for the next elections of December 2023 begins in June.

Jules Ninda

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