DRC: the date of May 7 dedicated to AIDS orphans must be recognized and celebrated by all, pleads the Asbl “la Main sur le Coeur”

The non-profit organization “La Main sur le Cœur”, which campaigns for the support and care of orphans living with HIV/AIDS, pleads for the date of May 7 to be recognized and celebrated by all.

The President of this association, Mrs. Dany Nyembwe, says she does not understand the mobilization around December 1, while that of May 7 is forgotten.

“Personally, I realized that only the Asbl “la Main sur le Coeur” talks about the day of AIDS orphans. However, we do not have to bear this problem alone. When we talk about December 1, everyone is mobilizing, but why is there this indifference for May 7? There must be several other associations that stand up for the World Day of AIDS Orphans. It must not be just one association, ”she said.

Madame Dany Nyembwe
did not hide her disappointment at being there alone to carry the voice of AIDS orphans.

According to him, AIDS orphans are often forgotten in society.

While indicating that children orphaned by AIDS must benefit from attention but also from appropriate care, she underlined that children living with HIV/AIDS do not take the same doses of drugs as adults.

For the celebration of May 7, 2022, a day dedicated to AIDS orphans, the Asbl “La Main sur le Coeur” plans to organize a gala dinner in favor of children living with HIV/AIDS.

“For this year, we want to give people free rein to understand this disease, the suffering of children. We don’t want the children to testify this year. We want the adults to sit down and say to themselves, if it was my child, how I was going to behave. We want people to talk about HIV during the evening,” explained Ms. Dany Nyembwe.

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During this gala evening, she hopes to raise funds which will be used on the one hand to pay the schooling of orphans living with HIV / AIDS, who are in University and secondary school and on the other hand rehabilitated infectious disease buildings.

According to the latest statistics published by the National Multisectoral Program for the Fight against AIDS (PNMLS), the Democratic Republic of Congo has more than ninety-four thousand (94,000) people living with HIV/AIDS in 2021.

Although this situation is complex, the Congolese Government does not make the necessary means available to the actors working to raise awareness against this scourge.




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