DRC: The 26 dismissed agents of the presidency cry out against injustice and arbitrariness – MATININFOS.NET – Information of the DRC with complete impartiality

DRC: The 26 dismissed agents of the presidency cry out against injustice and arbitrariness – MATININFOS.NET – Information of the DRC with complete impartiality

After their dismissal by the Chief of Staff of the Head of State on May 4, the 23 agents of the Communication Department of the Presidency of the Republic, consider this decision as an injustice and address their hierarchy.

In a correspondence made public this Thursday, May 11, 2023, these former communicators of the Head of State promise to seize the “Very high hierarchy” to make their voices heard.

Here is their full correspondence:


1.1. The letter of dismissal is limited to evoking as a reason “new arrangements made”. Nothing more.

1.2. To have been thanked for having successfully accomplished the tasks entrusted to them at the Communication Unit of the President of the Republic and for having learned in the same letter of the availability of the Cabinet to have recourse to their expertise if necessary , the agents concerned come to deduce an injustice practiced against them. And for good reason !


2.1. The Presidency of the Republic is the cabinet of the First Institution of the country, in this case the President of the Republic.

2.2. Therefore, the management of employment must be done differently from other institutions in that the Hierarchy is supposed to know that when one leaves such an institution, even with or without congratulations, one has little or no chance of quickly find a job elsewhere. At the base: the political colors of which we necessarily become carriers.

2.3. Presidential party, the Udps promotes Social Progress in its name and in its social project.

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2.4. It goes without saying that any dismissal, which can only engage him directly or indirectly, must obey certain rules of propriety. For example: advise six or three months before the agent to be put on leave, so as to prepare him for an honorable exit.

2.5. However, there, we have just witnessed a sudden and brutal dismissal in no way reflecting the content of the letter from His Excellency the Director of Cabinet highlighting the good and loyal services rendered as well as the promise to use expertise ( !) of the agents concerned if necessary.


3.1. Lacking knowledge of the real reasons for their dismissal, the agents concerned content themselves with rumors that may be based, rumors according to which it is a question of budgetary restrictions.

3.2. Assuming that this is so, it is appropriate to reveal that for 23 agents with an average of USD 1,250 per month, the budgetary issue likely to be raised is USD 28,750.

3.3. With termination benefits representing six months’ salary, the budgetary stake is USD 28,750 x 6, or USD 172,500.

3.4. These six months correspond to the time between the date of dismissal and the date of the launch of the electoral campaign for an election scheduled for December 20, 2023.

As a result, dismissed agents are entitled to assert their claims with the Very High Hierarchy and hope to be heard and understood, because their remaining colleagues should not feel insecure.

It is just a question of avoiding any precedent that could set a legal precedent.
Merci !

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Jules Ninda

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