DRC: Nagui Kayembe calls for the creation of job opportunities for young people

DRC: Nagui Kayembe calls for the creation of job opportunities for young people

Radio Okapi/Ph. Jean-Marc Matwaki.”/>

The national secretary in charge of youth within the Action des patriotes pour l’urgence du Congo (APEC) party, Nagui Kayembe called, a few days ago, on the State to create job opportunities for young people. Congolese.

He launched this call during the program “Radio Metissage” from Brussels (Belgium).

Nagui Kayembe is of the opinion that with the creation of jobs, the State will even be able to recover the kuluna:

“Kuiluna youth don’t choose what they do. They need to learn but they say they are discouraged to see their elders missing work after studying. Why not create opportunities for these young people aged 16 to 25. We have to keep these young people occupied, by creating structures that can help them find work in order to make them useful to society”.

He advised the Congolese State to create structures to facilitate the recruitment of young people within local companies.

« It is important that there are structures that recruit students and send them to companies that hire them. It is advantageous for these companies and for these young people. A way to help them thrive ”, pursued Nagui Kayembe.

For him, young Congolese employees have an interest in working with love and abnegation in order to bring their share in the reconstruction of the country.

Last March, his non-profit organization “Les Amis de Nagui” handed over tilling equipment and agricultural seeds to more than 300 women market gardeners in Kinshasa.

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