Draymond Green’s jersey against the Boston Celtics after the 2022 NBA Finals


After beating the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals with the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green continues his internal fight with a defiant jersey.

Draymond Green y Marcus Smart.
© Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports – Pool/Getty ImagesDraymond Green y Marcus Smart.

The victory of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals 2022 ante Boston Celtics It would not have been possible without the help of a Draymond Green which went from less to more and had a personal duel, as always, with players and fans alike.

Between the rough game that he practices and proclaims, his defiant and aggressive character, and the podcast that he now has where he expresses his controversial opinions, Green became public enemy No. 1 of Boston fans. The chants against him were a constant.

Green is a person who does not easily forget this type of situation. So he apparently swore revenge and has been doing so in various ways, with tweets directed at Jayson Tatum y Jaylen BrownT-shirts making fun of how they couldn’t get another ring, and now something much more direct.

Draymond Green and the message for Boston

During the parade in San Francisco that the Warriors did in front of thousands of fans, Draymond Green could be seen on the player bus holding a shirt with a clear message: “Boston Apesta”it said, with a chicken below the inscription.

In this way, the partner Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and company, seems to be making sure the entire league hates him, as his constant attacks have been directed on multiple fronts and not just his Finals rivals.



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