Drawer under the oven: extra storage space or for preheating?  |  service

Drawer under the oven: extra storage space or for preheating? | service

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Is there a drawer under your oven that you have not used at all or only used as storage space? In fact, there is something completely different behind it.

Why don’t you go into your kitchen and take a closer look at your oven: Is there a drawer under the oven that you haven’t even noticed yet? The drawer can then almost be like a secret door behind which a treasure is hidden. Or, you already know them and use them diligently as storage space, for example for baking trays, muffin tins, rolling pins or tea towels. But that is actually not the purpose of the oven drawer and can sometimes even be dangerous.

What is the purpose of the drawer under the oven?

Many manufacturers, especially of newer models, equip their ovens with a very special drawer, the so-called warming drawer. This can be covered with metal, for example. In any case, check the operating instructions for your oven to see whether your oven has a special warming drawer or whether it might just be a crockery drawer. If it’s a crockery drawer where you can’t control the temperature, you can use it to warm up your plates, bowls, etc. before eating and get a bit of that restaurant feeling in your own home.


Is there a drawer under your oven? What you can do with it depends on the manufacturer. © Westend61/Imago

If, on the other hand, it is a warming drawer, you can usually regulate the temperature and do many nice things with it, such as:

  • keep dishes warm
  • cook food
  • Dry herbs or fruit
  • Defrost frozen food
  • Melt butter or chocolate
  • let the dough rise
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Drawer under the stove: you shouldn’t keep that in there

Under no circumstances should you store combustible, easily combustible or combustible material in the warming drawer under the stove. So neither cookbooks nor rolling pins belong in this compartment under the oven. Matches, lighters or textiles such as tea towels or cleaning rags have no place there either. Neither does groceries, although you might want to use the extra storage space for dry groceries like rice or pasta, or tinned food.

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