Dramatic attack: Florida diver is bitten in the head by an alligator

Last Sunday, 25-year-old Jeffrey Heim in Sarasota County, Florida was attacked by an alligator and suffered a fractured skull. It took 34 stitches to sew the wound. He also suffered stab wounds on his hands.

The diver who was actually looking for shark teeth thought he had been hit by a ship’s propeller. It wasn’t until he saw the alligator that he realized what was happening. “It felt heavy and I had the feeling that it was moving very quickly.”, He told “CNN”, “It was like a blunt pressure. I didn’t feel the cuts, it was more like a tug felt. “

Heim had been diving in the river many times. He looked around for alligators for ten minutes and then got into the river. He did not carry any gas bottles with him, but only went under after a few breaths. Just 45 seconds later, the alligator attacked the diver.

After a dramatic attack: Diver rescues himself on land and Alligator escapes

After the first bite, Heim was able to save himself ashore while the alligator tried to pounce on him. Fortunately, other people watched the incident, called 911, and bandaged his head. Heim said he felt tired and wanted to sleep. He was afraid of dying.

When he got to the hospital, he could already joke about the accident. He told CNN: “I had a very religious and emotional moment while I was lying in the CT scanner. I realized that I survived and couldn’t stop crying.”

After a day and a half in the hospital, his swelling had decreased significantly. He must continue to take antibiotics to prevent infection.

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Twelve attacks on humans by alligators

The Commission for the Conservation of Fish and Nature in Florida (FWC) reports that alligators become significantly more active during their courtship season from April and due to the rising temperatures. Heim said himself that it was probably just too risky and doesn’t want the animal to be killed. He wants to get back into the water as soon as possible, but is now staying away from the Myakka River.

There are believed to be a total of 1.3 million alligators in Florida, and twelve attacks on humans were reported in 2020.

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