R. Kelly has been credited on Drake’s new album Certified Lover Boy. A detail that made some fans react and for which Noah “40” Shebib, the rapper’s historic producer and singer, was justified.

While R. Kelly is currently on trial in New York, especially for numerous sexual abuses, the legendary R&B singer is facing an extraordinary bashing across the Atlantic. Considered public enemy number 1, the latter has seen many of his allies of yesteryear turn their backs on him. No wonder, then, that when fans found out that he was credited on Certified Lover Boy, Drake’s album released this Friday, September 3, a controversy began to emerge on social networks. Faced with this incipient fire, Drizzy’s right-hand man and historic producer Noah Shebib, also known as 40, wanted to clarify the situation. Under the post of an activist indignant at this revelation, he commented: “On the track, TSU, there is a sample of OG Ron C speaking. Behind that trickle of vocals you might not hear it, but there’s a song by R. Kelly playing in the background. It has no meaning, no words are heard and Kelly’s voice is not even present. But if we wanted to use Ron C’s voice, we had to use R. Kelly’s sound ”.

R. Kelly: man accuses her of sexual assault

40 condemns the actions of R. Kelly

In the rest of his speech, 40 made it clear that he strongly condemned the acts of R. Kelly, a man that the OVO team could not work with given the current context:I’m not here to defend Drake, but I thought the situation needed clarification as it is misleading: we cannot qualify R. Kelly as a lyricist. It was a little hard for us to read or hear everything that was said because the story of some of this stuff is horrible and disgusting. Then I saw this post and thought I needed to say something because to think that we worked with this guy or write with him is just sickening”. If this intervention made it possible to ease the tensions a little, the fans are still waiting for Drake to speak on this subject too …

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