DPG Media won’t take 22-year-old Viva Forum offline after all – IT Pro – News

Very strange too, what does it cost to keep something like this online, that’s peanuts for a DPG media.

Rather naive, nowadays everything is all about money, more more and more, and even then it’s not enough…
The world but especially the big companies are sick, vulgar greed, you see it everywhere but the worst thing is that everyone just swallows it like it’s normal, a frequently heard phrase here on Tweakers is “companies are there to make money” , as a clincher in discussions about this global “vulgar greed” problem.

This is the outcome of Neo Liberalism, people even vote for it…
Humanity has become dumber and slavish due to the internet, there is no more thinking for themselves and people really believe everything they are told, I always say: it’s not about what they tell you, it’s about what they tell you. not (want to) tell you, THERE lies the truth.

DPG is also such a caterpillar never enough, Tweakers.net will find out by itself.
Lemmings, slavish, fear because nobody does anything about it, If you can’t beat them, join them is exactly what Tweakers and others have done, principles usually cost money or effort.

This world is broken.

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