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A house ofhorror for cats: this is how we could qualify the discovery made byar police at an elderly couple’s home.

Several dozen frozen cats were discovered in the freezer of an elderly couple living in eastern France. According to the Society for the Protection of Animals, the names of the cats were listed on the bags containing the corpses.

The 91-year-old woman was taken in by firefighters. She was living with her 77-year-old husband in completely unsanitary accommodation. It was full of “animal and human excrement, hundreds of plastic bags and mounds of garbage located outside,” said Juliette Dupoux, commissioner of departmental security in Besançon.

Noah Syndrome

The man gave some explanations to the police. He told them that “since he didn’t know what to do with the dead cats, he froze them”. According to Sandra Majstorovic, from the Besançon SPA, “he has Noah’s syndrome”. This mental illness is characterized by the accumulation of a large number of animals. “These people are generally in denial, they think they are doing good when, because of the accumulation, they cannot take care of their animals”, she laments.

About forty live cats were also found. They lived “in catastrophic hygienic conditions, like unfortunately the man and his wife,” adds Sandra Majstorovic. For the most part sick, they will be treated by the SPA.