Dozens in protest against ″aberration″ built by Infraestruturas de Portugal in Gaia

Dozens of people gathered this Saturday morning at the Aguda stop, in Gaia, in protest against what they consider to be a “monster” built by Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) on the North Line.

At issue is the reformulation of the Aguda stop with the recent placement of a pedestrian overpass, approximately 15 days ago, which according to people “serves no one” and “Berlin walls” with the aim of serving as acoustic separations, while along the railway section of the Northern Line, between Espinho and Gaia.

“We want to improve the situation here, because it does not present any mobility solution for people: neither for pedestrians, nor for cyclists, nor for people of any age. Urbanistically this is not a solution that we like, it gets ugly , devalues ​​the land, which has two iconic beaches in Gaia, and at peak times it is not a viable solution”, said, this Saturday morning to JN, Ivo Pinhal, from the Amigos da Aguda movement.

According to Ivo, the solution for this location would be “an underpass which, according to studies that have been carried out, proves that it is possible, although IP has already come to say that it is not”.



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