Download Minecraft Many people are wondering how to download the famous Minecraft game, which is one of the most amazing action and adventure games ever. We offer you today’s article in which we review how to download it to your computer and smartphones.

How to download Minecraft on PC

Minecraft supports working on many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows for computers, so you can through the following lines how to download Minecraft on your computer:

  • Enter the official website of the game.
  • Log in to the site with your email or phone number.
  • Type the name of the game in the search box and then click on the Search button.
  • Click on the game after choosing the folder in which to save the game.
  • After installation, you can open the game by pressing its icon that will appear on the desktop.

Minecraft game information MineCraft

  • Minecraft was released in
  • It falls under the category of Action, Adventure, and Survival games.
  • Supports work on many operating systems such as Windows, Xbox, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Minecraft is the best-selling video game in history.
  • It has many game modes that you can choose from depending on your level.
  • It is a 3D game featuring high quality graphics, freedom of movement, and great visual and sound effects.

Download the game Minecraft on smartphones

You can also download Minecraft on smartphones and play it wherever and whenever you want, through the following steps:

  • Go to Google Play or App Store.
  • Write the name of the game in the search box.
  • Click on the game icon, which will appear in the search results list.
  • Pressing the install button, but before installing you must first pay the value of the game, which guarantees you about 7 US dollars.
  • After completing the installation process, you can open the game by pressing its icon on the phone’s home screen.
  • It is worth noting that the game has a free version, but it is not complete that you can download and get a general idea of ​​the game.

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