Doskozil left

Doskozil left

“No leadership debate, but discussions” in SPÖ

Burgenland’s governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) emphasized on the sidelines of a press conference on Wednesday that he currently does not see any escalating leadership debate within the SPÖ – but with regard to the next national elections, in which the Social Democrats should claim first place, there will be “discussions,” he said.

He would have no problem with a member survey, said Doskozil on Wednesday. He does not want to fuel the current discussion about federal party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner, “out of loyalty to Carinthia and Salzburg,” said the governor.

“Question, how do you position yourself”
In principle, however, he thinks it is important to ask questions before an election: “How do you position yourself? Are you exploiting the full potential?” Doskozil also said that he himself had “always argued the content” of party colleagues, not personally.

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Doskozil can generally imagine member surveys. “It’s a very intensive, grassroots instrument and I don’t think anyone can resist a grassroots instrument.”

backing from Vienna
There was support for Pamela Rendi-Wagner on Tuesday in the federal capital. The Mayor of Vienna and Red State Party Chairman Michael Ludwig emphasized that he was “very strongly” behind the chairperson: “There is nothing to shake about that.”

Regarding the results of the survey, in which the SPÖ has now lost first place, he said: “I just want to remind you that a short time ago we as SPÖ were in first place by far.” Rendi-Wagner was also at the top there confessed to the party. “It’s always ups and downs from there.”

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