JAnyone else would resign if he were given such a certificate. There is an urgent need to improve the relationship with member associations, partners and sponsors, work on climate and acceptance, and change the management style. In his organization there was self-reflection, demotivation and rumors, dissatisfaction and ambiguity. It couldn’t go on like this.

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As chairman of the ethics committee of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), Thomas de Maizière has described the work and style of DOSB President Alfons Hörmann drastically. When he was Federal Minister of the Interior and responsible for promoting top-class sport from the federal government, Hörmann claimed that there was no sheet of paper between them. That must have changed. De Maizière, proposed by Hörmann himself for the office, had to deal with allegations made anonymously against the head of the house by employees from the association’s headquarters.

The report is devastating and appears to require immediate action. De Maizière’s recommendation to put the vote of confidence through early elections only works like a gain in time. If Hörmann wanted to sit out six months until the general assembly in December and also to travel to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, for which he was nominated as head of the delegation, he would need a very thick skin.

De Maizière is ultimately in the same vein as Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee and Hörmann’s predecessor. In May, Bach wrote to the DOSB that he was concerned that its international reputation had declined. The consequences of the clarification that de Maizière has now done should be drawn quickly, preferably before the Olympic Games. The clever brook: He advised three weeks ago that Hörmann should go now.