Vorarlberg cable car manufacturer Doppelmayr is realizing an urban cable car project in the French capital Paris. A 4.5 kilometer long cable car called “Câble A” is to be built by 2025, reported the Wirtschaftspresseagentur.com, which referred to information from Doppelmayr press spokeswoman Julia Schwärzler. The total volume of the project amounts to around 110 million euros, it said.

Five stations

The “Câble A” cable car will be located southeast of the city center and northeast of Paris-Orly Airport. It will have five stations that are directly connected to other public transport such as metro, bus or tram. 1,600 passengers can be transported per hour and direction in comfortable ten-person cabins. The maximum travel time specified was 17 minutes. “The cable car will also bring great time advantages for the people in this region in commuter traffic and expand the mobility options,” said Schwärzler.