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The Olympic defeat of England still does not go down Tokyo in the 100 meters, when a Marcell Jacobs, by force, he took the gold medal. Now finished, again, in the crosshairs of the overseas press, in particular of the Times, who in a two-page investigation called “Mystery Jacobs, the Olympic champion who rose to prominence with no previous traces … and then stopped running” insinuates that “no one can have an answer as to how he did it.” is signed by Matt Lawton and Mark Palmer, who traveled to Italy between Milan, Desenzano del Garda and Rome (the places where Jacobs grew up, trained and where he lives now) Before starting with the criticisms.

Engine rigged ... you fly.  Italian pride, Salvini asphalts the doped English: hands off Marcell Jacobs

Jacobs has … “disappeared from circulation” – What comes out of the content of the report? That the rapid rise of the 27-year-old, with two gold medals in Tokyo 2020, are “sudden and incompatible with his competitive past”, only to say that after the Games “he disappeared from circulation” and finally talks about Giacomo Sweepers, nutritionist and former body builder investigated for fraud in an investigation into an alleged trade in doping substances, with which Jacobs has not collaborated for some time.

Doped.  The second test tube confirms, English shame in Tokyo: now apologize to Jacbos

Lawton and Palmer also went to the sprinter’s training ground to ask him for an interview: Jacobs – who doesn’t like the British press after repeated accusations – politely declined. So, the two had no choice but to make an appointment on February 4th, when at the indoor world championships in Berlin it will be understood “if this man who grew up without leaving traces will know how to repeat himself”.

World Athlete of the Year?  Excluding Jacbos and Tamberi, crazy stuff: by whom they were killed


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