Company Microsoft dated the dates of opening pre-orders for Xbox Series X – Halo Infinite Limited Edition in Russia.

According to the Xbox Wire blog, Russian gamers will be able to pre-order a limited edition Xbox Series X in the style of Halo Infinite 15 october v 10:00 in Moscow… It will be possible to buy the console on the networks M Video, El Dorado, DNS and Ozone at the recommended price 55,990 rubles.

The start of sales will take place simultaneously with the USA and Europe – 15th of November.

Limited edition controller pre-order starts with Xbox Series X Xbox Elite Series 2inspired by a new shooter 343 Industries… The cost of the gamepad will be 15,299 rubles.

Xbox Series X – Halo Infinite Limited Edition Bundle Includes:

  • Console and gamepad in an exclusive design
  • Digital copy of Halo Infinite

“The Xbox Series X – Halo Infinite Limited Edition design is inspired by the massive Halo universe and encased in a dark metallic shell interspersed with iridium gold. The console panel features a distinctive star pattern that can be seen on the surface of the Zeta Halo. The pattern extends to the top corner of the console and grips the system. Ventilation under the stars is highlighted in Cortana blue To top it off, the console emits Halo-themed sounds when turned on and off.The included gamepad has a similar design, a 20th anniversary mark in iridium gold, and side and rear grips to support any style of play. “

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