Don’t do this: Experts warn like putting grenades

“We should prefer the male first as the victim. The vitality of the animal, the absence of tear discharge, the absence of a runny nose are required. Cattle are curious animals, if you are in the animal market, the animal must be curious and smell you. This is simply an indication of vitality and health. It is envisaged that the animal throws its teeth, which is called ‘capping’, that is, changing teeth. This means close to 1.5-2 years of age in cattle. There needs to be an update here, it needs to be consulted with the Diyanet. As a scientist, I can say this. In the past, when there were native breeds, yes, he throws his teeth at that age and completes his maturity at that time. But today, when you wait for that age, there are 1.5-2 tons of animals in culture breeds such as holstein, simental and hereford. You can see from which province, age, date of birth, gender and race the animal came from, with the earring number, from the application of the Ministry of Agriculture. In this sense, the event of throwing the tooth and throwing the cover is somewhat relative, it deviates for 6 months. There is no rule that teeth change at the age we want in every animal, this deviates. The animal, which you say we cannot sacrifice it, has actually reached its age, or vice versa, it may not fall even at an advanced age. This is a biological thing. However, in the ministry’s application, when you enter the relevant earring number, you can easily learn the age and breed of that animal. It is impossible to determine a certain date of birth with teeth and horns. So you can use this app.”


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