Donations collected for family in Norway and Illinois after accident in Mexico

A Norwegian family remains in Mexico after a car accident that claimed the life of a mother.

Sergio and Elena Cruz were visiting their family in Mexico on vacation with their children, Daisy, 24, and Aaron, 18, when they were involved in a car accident in which a drunk driver hit their vehicle from behind at night, according to Marguerite.

Elena died from the accident and Daisy suffered serious injuries requiring surgery to repair a broken hip. Her father and brother suffered minor bruises and scratches.

“My family and I were surrounded by our family (aunts, uncles, cousins, friends) during this difficult time. They were all wonderful in helping me recover and helping us heal emotionally,” said Daisy to Times via Facebook.

Daisy and her family will stay in Mexico until she is healed enough to travel.

Despite the geographic divide, friends and family raised funds for the Cruz family to cover medical and memorial costs.

Hannah Buchanan works with Daisy at Lewis University in Romeoville and was heartbroken to learn of the accident.

“It was just amazing. Daisy is the sweetest thing and everyone who knows her knows how sweet it is. (I) know how much they looked forward to this trip,” Buchanan told The Times a phone call.

“(Her colleagues) were all sorry for her,” she added.

Buchanan said she felt “helpless” when trying to comfort a friend in another country, but when she considered the increased hospital and memorial costs associated with the accident, she created a GoFundMe page to help.

And the success was such that the page recently increased its target from $ 5,000 to $ 8,000.

“It has been incredible,” said Buchanan. “We started, a team of us working with her (at the University of Lewis) for admissions. We got a lot of feedback, then we started sharing on social media and across the university and through family and friends. “

For the family, it also means a lot to see the support of the house.

“I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I learned of the generosity of my colleagues and the community regarding the donation campaign,” said Daisy. “Each gift, each message and each prayer has been deeply appreciated and it reassures me and my family to know that we are not alone.”

Daisy said the doctors couldn’t give her a clear idea of ​​when she could be cured enough to leave. Recovery is expected to take some time, but she is optimistic that she will be able to return home by March.

Until then, she appreciates the kind words and gifts of friends and family.

“Thank you to everyone who donated, sent me a message or kept us in their thoughts. And a special thank you to the Lewis University admissions department (my colleagues) for their generosity and support “said Daisy.

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