Tomorrow the Kings set sail for Sweden on the occasion of his first state trip to the Scandinavian country, which aims to stimulate collaborations after the pandemic with an innovative and sustainable point of view. During these three days, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia will have an official agenda full of events, among them, a gala dinner and an afternoon reception, two occasions in which surely the Queen will dazzle with looks to remember (and, we hope, pieces from the royal jeweler). In the absence of several hours to discover these long-awaited styles, we look back and remember the last time they were in Stockholm. It was in June 2019 and for a very special reason: the wedding between Victoria and Daniel from Sweden, which brought together much of the European royalty in the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas.


One of his most iconic looks

As is customary in this type of royal wedding, the night before the ceremony he held a gala dinner in which the guests showed their most elegant image. As is logical, the absolute protagonist was the future bride and her Elie Saab dress, a model he got back in 2020 to celebrate his anniversary, but there were so many other noteworthy fairytale looks, such as those of Máxima from the Netherlands or Doña Letizia. The then Princess of Asturias arrived on the arm of Prince Felipe and left both those present and the international press speechless with its spectacular design. He added a touch of color to the night by betting on a piece that would later become its most characteristic hue: red.

– The best looks seen in the pre-wedding of Victoria and Daniel from Sweden


All red

Chose a strapless dress with draped bodice and long skirt decorated with embossed silk ribbons by Felipe Varela, who, to this day, continues to be your great ally for the most important appointments. He wore it with a matching shawl, clutch kind baguette with the same textured effect, hoop earrings and diamond bracelet. As for the beauty look, she left her hair loose, parted in the middle and marked waves.

– Objective ‘fitness’: get arms like Doña Letizia


The perfect guest

The next day, for the celebration of the marriage, the wife of the then heir to the throne wore a colored dress nude short sleeves, square neckline and straight string covered with chiffon flowers in 3D finish. This design, which especially enhanced her figure, was also signed by Felipe Varela. To complete her look, she wore a very original braided bun crowned by a Mellerio’s floral tiara, made of platinum and brilliant-cut and goatee-cut diamonds. This jewel was a gift that the Spanish Government made to Doña Sofía on the day of her marriage with Juan Carlos I and that the Infanta Cristina wore on her wedding day with Iñaki Urdangarín. Topped with a sackcloth pouch satin finish and matching platform sandals.


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