Domino's Pizza allies with Goggo Network to deliver orders with autonomous robots in Alcobendas

Domino's Pizza allies with Goggo Network to deliver orders with autonomous robots in Alcobendas

Domino’s Pizza“the pizza brand delivery leader in the world operated by Alsea”, has announced that it will use autonomous robots to deliver its orders at home. Strategic collaboration with Goggo Networkleader in autonomous vehicle logistics, has made possible the implementation of this innovation thanks to which five autonomous robots are delivering orders in the Madrid town of Alcobendas.

These autonomous robots are equipped with advanced technology, including cameras, radar and ultrasound sensors, which allow them to recognize and locate themselves with total precision in real time, even in complex urban environments, as the company emphasizes. “In addition, they are completely electric, which makes them a solution that is committed to the environment and in line with the growing demand for more sustainable transport options.”

The –online– order is made by card and customers can follow the route by GPS. “During the movement, the robot respects the zebra crossings, avoids obstacles and the customer receives a text message when it is about to arrive, with a code to open the door when the order arrives. Once delivered, the robot returns to the store by itself.”

Domino’s Pizza Marketing Director, Silvia Serrano, expresses its satisfaction for offering this delivery option with autonomous robots with artificial intelligence, “a sign of the chain’s commitment to continuous improvement in services hand in hand with new technologies”. This pilot test is part of the “pool of sustainable delivery initiatives that the brand is carrying out, such as electric motorcycles and bikes in the urban centers of large cities”.

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For his part, Yasmine Fage, co-founder and COO of Goggo Network, has highlighted the success of this project, since deliveries began in Alcobendas last year. “We are helping companies to be more sustainable in home delivery, while we help businesses in these towns to give them a differential value in their service.”

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