Dominican authorities, in collaboration with the United States Coast Guard they have been searching for a week for at least ten people who on July 20 embarked on an illegal trip to Puerto Rico and whose boat was wrecked due to the strong waves.

As reported to Efe the communication manager of the Navy of the Dominican Republic, ship captain José Gerardo Fajardo, the search involves two boats and a helicopter that span a wide perimeter, although until now only one of the eleven people who left last Monday from Bayahibe (southwest) to the neighboring island has been located.

This is Willing Ventura Concepción, a native of Las Guáranas, Duarte province, who when he was rescued on July 23 had several burns throughout his body due to the sun and the fuel that was spilled when the boat capsized, made of fiberglass.

Interviewed by members of the Public Ministry and agents of the Navy Naval Intelligence Directorate (M-2), Ventura Concepción said that the cause of the sinking was the strong waves, which caused water to enter the boat, turning off the propulsion engine and caused him to turn a bell.

Surface units of the Navy continue the search for the other ten travelers, nine men and one woman, following the pattern of the currents of that area, heading southwest, although the tasks have been complicated by the weather conditions, since there is a storm south of Mao, Fajardo explained.

As for the identities of the rest of the people who were traveling on the boat, at the moment they cannot confirm them, although Fajardo indicated that some people have approached the Naval Intelligence headquarters to inform the authorities that their relatives could go. in the boat.

The rescued man could not confirm the identities of the disappeared either, since, according to what he said, he did not know the rest of the passengers.

As indicated by the Navy spokesperson, the pandemic situation has not stopped those who want to reach Puerto Rico in this type of illegal travel, which has continued to occur with a frequency similar to the usual one.