The protagonist Columbus is still“, said the DT in a press conference, but without ceasing to emphasize that” there were meetings where they played better and could not win. “The positive of the case is that Sabalero again showed personality against a great, as happened before River.

Eduardo Dominguez.jpg

Eduardo Domínguez lived a game full of adrenaline in Colón’s victory against San Lorenzo. Telam

Now it will be a question of seeing if this can be an adrenaline injection to receive workshops and lower it a bit to continue eager to fight until the end.

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One of the postcards that most attracted attention to San Lorenzo was Eduardo Domínguez’s enthusiastic celebration in one of the goals. A video that later became viral because of the form. It is usually quite calm, but it exploded with a loud cry similar to venting.

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Later in the talk with the media I dismissed that it was that but more a product of how the party was and because the only thing that served the Santa Fe cast was the triumph. Boy did he have a reason to do it. Domínguez mode!

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