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The DT spoke at a press conference, after the triumph against Pincha, and sent a clear message to the leaders on the subject of reinforcements. “We are stopped”, marked the coach.

It was a victory that adds up to everything. On the board, on confidence, on the need for results. Independiente did what they had to do and beat Estudiantes de La Plata, one of the best teams in Argentine soccer, by 2-1. However, once the match was over, Eduardo Domínguez spoke at a press conference. The DT talked about the game, but also questioned the reinforcement issue and sent a clear message to the leadership.

Regarding the meeting itself, Eduardo Domínguez said: We are not what we show on the Argentine court. Today we liked how we played. The first half was an even game and the second we hit, that’s what football is about“.

When they changed the question to the topic of the moment (Rodrigo Aliendro), the coach gave his opinion and referenced: “He’s a great player, he wouldn’t catch my attention if the River coach pays attention to him, just as the Boca coach wouldn’t catch my attention. I don’t know if it’s to his liking. I’m not going to jump in and start watching… ‘Did he call you? Did the other coach call him?’. In addition, he added: “We have to work for and for Independiente, for our belief and for others to work for their clubs. I’m not going to investigate if he really called him.”

Continuing with his position, he lowered the line: “And if I talk to Rodrigo I’m not going to ask him ‘Did he call you?’ It is a matter of him and the other clubs. We have to worry, prioritize, focus and improve this whole issue. Because if we continue in the same way, we are standing in the same place and it means that we are not advancing and we must advance”.



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