Moments of apprehension for Mara Venier. The presenter had an accident during one of the commercial intervals of the episode of Sunday In on Sunday 21 November: fell causing a sprained ankle and a blow to the head. It all happened about halfway through the broadcast: on returning to the studio after the commercial, the audience found alone Pierpaolo Pretelli. After a few minutes the presenter appeared visibly proven: he limped, had a bandaged foot and an ice pack on his head. It was Mara Venier herself who revealed what happened, first of all to reassure her husband Nicola Carraro who, as she herself explained live, is not in Italy at the moment and seeing her like this is certainly scared.

“It’s okay Nicola – he said – I took a blow to the foot, a good sprain and a blow to the head. I fell on my face with glasses. I’m fine, I got a blow to the head and a sprained ankle. But I don’t give up, they have to bring me down “, he joked with the irony that sets it apart. Mara Venier was determined to complete the broadcast but after interviewing Memo Remigi she didn’t feel like it anymore and decided to exceptionally close the program with a quarter of an hour early: “I can’t do it guys “, he admitted greeting the audience.

Then, in the evening, he decided to update fans on his health conditions, publishing a post on Instagram in which he showed the obvious bump that appeared on his forehead following the fall: “Thanks everyone for the messages, it could have been worse. I’m fine, ”he wrote. Many messages of affection from her audience but also from friends and colleagues who hope to see her back on the track next Sunday.

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