Domènec Torrent will sign for Flamengo in the next few hours. The Catalan coach, who has been Pep Guardiola’s assistant for many years, will live his second experience as head coach after an extensive career as a player for Santpedor.

Born in Santa Coloma de Farners fifty-eight years ago, he played as a midfielder for Olot and the Ateneu Deportiu Guíxols before making his debut on the bench in 1994. He began coaching Palafurgell in regional categories for six years and a season at Palamós before making the leap to Girona in the summer of 2005. The white-and-reds then played in the Third Division and with Torrent were proclaimed group champions and were only one step away from the Second B .

A year later, in 2007, he would join the staff Pep Guardiola’s coach at Barça B. With the subsidiary, this time he would be promoted to the bronze category. The following season, 2008-09, Guardiola had the opportunity to coach the first team and Torrent would join his team as an analyst. Thus began his successful journey with the coach of Santpedor, with whom he would win absolutely everything. A sextet, three leagues and two Champions Leagues at Barça; three Bundesliga and two Pokal titles at Bayern Munich, and the Premier League with Manchester City.

Ten years and 23 titles later, Torrent embarked on his first solo adventure in New York City, the Mancuni club’s franchise in MLS. With the citizens, signed the team’s best regular season and managed to take him to the first CONCACAF Champions League.

At the age of 58, he will head to Flamengo, current champion of the Paulista Championship and the Copa Libertadores. He will only sign for one season because the current president, Rodolfo Landim, ends his term in 2021. The Brazilian club had been coached last year by Jorge Jesus, but the return of the Portuguese to Benfica has left the bench free. historic team from Rio de Janeiro, which has decided to bet on the Catalan coach. He will be the second European coach to lead the team with the most fans in Brazil in a row. And, by the way, the first state coach.

Domènec Torrent will thus live his first big challenge as head coach. And it will also do so in Maracanã, one of the most legendary stadiums in football. A new stage in a long career that began in Girona fourteen years ago and will continue in Rio de Janeiro.