Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Home Sport Dolphins upset Colts for second straight win - ProFootballTalk

Dolphins upset Colts for second straight win – ProFootballTalk

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The Miami dolphins are on a winning streak.

In a breathtaking turn, the team that previously resembled one of the worst in the history of the NFL has now won two straight victories after beating the Colts 16 to 12 in Indianapolis today. ; hui.

The Colts simply could not get out of their own way. Brian Hoyer, from injured Jacoby Brissett, made three interceptions. And Adam Vinatieri missed an extra point, which meant they lost by four instead of three at the end of the game and needed a touchdown, not an investment. The Colts offensive failed and the dolphins held up.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was far from excellent, but he showed enough consistency not to lose the game, and certainly an improvement over Josh Rosen. The Dolphins are not a good team, but we can forget that they are part of the worst teams of all time. They are 2-7 and play hard.

The Colts, by contrast, have now fallen to 5-4. It was not so long ago that they were the favorites to win the AFC South, but they now look like long shots to qualify for the playoffs. And they seem to need a new kicker, now.


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