Dolina and Kadysheva were accused of phonogram, Razin promised the truth about Shatunov, plump Sotnikova was published

Andrei Razin promised everyone the truth about Yuri Shatunov. It will sound in the film-investigation. Read more about this and more in our selection of the main news of the day.

What will be the monument to Shatunov

Relatives and friends of the late Yuri Shatunov announced a competition for the best sketch of the grave monument to the artist. What should be the monument, told the day before. This is a sculpture of a bronze singer in full height or even higher. The main thing is that the artist, when working on a sketch, takes into account the size of the plot in the cemetery – this is 2 meters by 1.8 meters.

Kadysheva and Dolina were accused of singing to the soundtrack

Music blogger Lyubov Terletskaya in the YouTube show “Factory with Yana Chu” accused the singers Larisa Dolina and Nadezhda Kadysheva of singing to the soundtrack. We are talking about the song “Ivushki”, which two stars performed many years ago together with Sati Casanova on the Star Factory project on Channel One.

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Razin said that soon everyone will know the truth about Shatunov

The ex-producer of the group “Tender May” Andrey Razin promised everyone to open their eyes to Yura Shatunov. This will happen, Razin wrote in his microblog, when the film-investigation is released.

Vera Sotnikova was shocked by her size

Actress Vera Sotnikova took part in the same talk show with Larisa Rubalskaya. She has not been filmed anywhere for a long time, so the new size of the singer confused fans. Fans have noticed that the actress has gained a lot of weight. Last summer, Vera Sotnikova had a hard time with the coronavirus, and someone suggested that the weight crept up because of this.

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