Dog breeds: 10 dogs that have the strongest bite

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Von: Lara Sabrina Kiehl


In most cases, dogs do not bite without a reason. And that’s just as well. With their powerful jaws, they develop considerable biting powers.

Malinois are also known as Belgian Shepherd Dogs.  Due to their high alertness, they are suitable as guard dogs and are also used as service dogs by the police and military.  Because they have a lot of energy, they have to be utilized accordingly.  (icon picture)

1 / 1010th place: The Malinois or Belgian Shepherd Dog has a bite force of 200 PSI. The breed is very alert and is therefore also suitable as a guard dog. (Iconic image) © agefotostock/Imago

2 / 109th place: The fluffy and even-tempered Chow Chows can bite with up to 220 PSI. The breed comes from China and is also called “Lion Dog” there. (Iconic image) © blickwinkel/Imago

Because Dutch Shepherds are so athletic and willing to learn, they are often used as service dogs by the police, military and customs.  Their ancestors are the same as those of the Mallinois, the Belgian Shepherd Dogs.  (icon picture)

3 / 108th place: Dutch shepherds bite with 225 PSI. They are very willing to learn and athletic. They are related to the Mallinois. (Iconic image) © imagebroker/Imago

With a bite force of 235 PSI, American Pit Bull Terriers have historically been used extensively in dog fights.  As a result, the breed has fallen into disrepute as being extremely aggressive.  With good training, however, they are also very friendly dogs.  (icon picture)

4 / 107th place: American Pit Bull Terriers have a bite force of 235 PSI. Dog fighting has brought them into disrepute. But with good education they are very people-friendly. That’s why they are used today, despite their stigma, as assistance and therapy dogs. (Iconic image) © Panthermedia/Imago

While German Shepherds were bred for herding, they also have a strong hunting instinct.  They can bite with 240 PSI.  Their teeth are primarily specialized for catching, holding, tearing, and shredding prey.  (icon picture)

5 / 106th place: Although German shepherds were bred for herding, they also have a strong hunting instinct. They can bite with 240 PSI. (Iconic image) © agefotostock/Imago

American Bulldog breed dogs are loyal and friendly.  Her statue is small but powerful.  So does their jaw, which they can use to achieve a bite force of 300 PSI.  (icon picture)

6 / 105th place: The American Bulldog is small and muscular. Its wide, powerful jaw has a bite force of 300 PSI. (Iconic image) © Panthermedia/Imago

Rottweilers are very alert and can also display strong protective behaviors.  With their powerful teeth, they can reach forces of up to 330 PSI.  (icon picture)

7 / 104th place: Rottweilers can bite with 330 PSI. They are known for their friendly and brave nature. But also for her physical strength and her strong jaw. (Iconic image) © teamwork/Imago

The English Mastiff is known for being calm and dignified, but also brave and protective.  Males can weigh up to 100 kilograms.  With a bite force of 560 PSI, their jaw is also particularly strong.  (icon picture)

8 / 103rd place: The English Mastiff has the third strongest dog jaw. With 560 PSI he can pack a punch. His nature is calm and protective, which is why he is also very suitable as a guard dog. (Iconic image) © agefotostock/Imago

The Doberman is considered to be sensitive and is often said to have an aggressive character.  Even though they don't get that heavy, they still have a bite force of up to 600 PSI.  (icon picture)

9 / 102nd place: Even if the Dobermann weighs just up to 45 kilograms, it still has a very high bite force of 600 PSI. (Iconic image) © Anka Agency International/Imago

At 740 PSI, the Kangal Shepherd Dog can bite harder than a lion.  The Kangal is a livestock guardian dog and is used to monitor livestock.  (icon picture)

10 / 101st place: The Kangal shepherd dog has the strongest jaw among the dog breeds. With a full 740 PSI, it can bite and is even stronger than a lion, which has 691 PSI. (Iconic image) © blickwinkel/Imago

Munich – “Dogs that bark don’t bite” is a saying that is probably best known among animal lovers. What is meant is that the loudest dogs are the most harmless and only want to make an impression with their barking. But it is doubtful whether this saying is always true. After all, all dogs can bite – even barking ones. However, biting is usually the last resort for a dog to end a stressful situation.

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Dog breeds: The ten with the strongest bite

The best prevention is species-appropriate and non-violent education, no matter if the dog is big or small. Because it is the basis for harmonious cooperation and mutual respect. The strongest dog bite, but undoubtedly have large dog breeds. Bite force is measured in PSI, meaning pounds per square inch. In German it means “pound per square inch”. A pound is about 0.45 kilograms, and a square inch is about 6.45 square centimeters.

In dogs, the strongest bite force is up to 745 PSI. In comparison, a human’s bite force is only about 120 to 140 PSI. The unit of measure used to determine bite force is the mass acting on a specific area. The photo gallery shows the ten dog breeds with the greatest bite force. The values ​​for these breeds are between 200 and 745 PSI.

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