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That’s it for today!

With that we have reached the end of today’s ticker. Tomorrow we will of course get back to you as usual with a new issue, then my colleague Norman Fischer welcomes you at this point. Have a nice evening, have a good week and see you then!

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Mick Schumacher on the podium for the first time!

At least with our grades šŸ˜‰ In the meantime the complete evaluation is online. And there are certainly a few surprises. You can find out here who won the day, how the two World Cup candidates did and how all the other grades went down!

3:38 pm

Alonso: Actually, the only thing missing is the car …

The two-time world champion is convinced that Alpine is operationally one of the best teams in Formula 1. In an interview with ‘auto motor und sport’ he explains: “We have the sixth or seventh fastest car. And yet we score points every Sunday. That can only mean that the team does the best it can in the race.”

“The last four or five years, when you weren’t that competitive, were a school,” he explains and reveals: “Difficulties make you grow faster. Keep your fingers crossed that a competitive car will roll out of the factory in 2022. That’s the only thing What is missing.” But of course all the other teams hope so too …

3:23 pm

How brutal Formula 1 can be …

… this is also shown by this photo series. Because many young drivers once got into the premier class with great praise. But there it was never enough for a big hit.

Photo gallery: Top 10: Hopeful Formula 1 talents who have failed

3:12 pm

Norris: That’s why Formula 1 is completely different

As a rule, the drivers work their way up from Formula 4 through Formula 3 and Formula 2 to Formula 1. According to Lando Norris, this last change is the hardest – at least in the head. “Formula 1 is the first category you come into and you know that you may never win a race. Not this year, not the next and not the one after,” he explains.

“You need a different mentality and it takes some time to get used to it,” he says from his own experience. In 2017, Norris became Formula 3 European Champion with nine victories, in 2018 he won a Formula 2 race and was runner-up behind George Russell. He has been without a win in Formula 1 since 2019.

2:49 pm

Brundle: Hamilton screwed it up

We chalked Hamilton the wrong strategy in our driver ratings. And that is how expert Martin Brundle sees it. “Yesterday the mistake was on Lewis’ side,” he says at ‘Sky’ and explains: “He has already outvoted his team in the past and it worked very well there. […] But yesterday Mercedes just had to copy Red Bull’s strategy. “

Instead, Hamilton threw Mercedes off the beaten track and lost positions.

2:25 pm

Man of the hour?

You probably don’t have it on your list, but in the past four races nobody has actually scored more points than Valtteri Bottas! The Finn has achieved a whopping 69 points since Zandvoort. For comparison: Verstappen is only at 63, Hamilton only at 53 points. And all three drivers each had to take an engine penalty during this period, so they had the same prerequisites.

To be fair, however, one has to add that without the crash between Hamilton and Verstappen in Monza it would look a little different …

1:40 p.m.

Hamilton: Motor doesn’t worry him

At Red Bull, they expect to be able to end the season without any further engine changes. This also applies to Lewis Hamilton. “I don’t waste any energy on that. It’s not my job to worry about such things,” he replied after the Turkey race when he was asked if he could get through until the end of the season without another penalty.

“My engine is in good condition. I think my first drive lasted six races. We still have the second engine, and I think the third is still there,” he explains, adding that “hopefully” it doesn’t have to take further punishment. “But I can’t predict what’s ahead,” he shrugs.


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